Pomona CA

Pomona CA was named after the Roman goddess of fruit, and the years have proven fruitful for Pomona CA. By the 1880s, the area was a thriving center for citrus production, thanks to the arrival of a railroad stop and irrigation from the Coachella Valley. Today Pomona CA is home to Cal Poly Pomona and education is a major component of its economy. Pomona CA is perhaps best known for hosting the annual Los Angeles County Fair, a huge extravaganza drawing over a million visitors each year. If you live in Pomona CA, you know it’s not all fun and games. Fortunately, getting roof repair is easy. Byars Roofing provides expert residential and commercial roof repair service for all kinds of roofs, including asphalt & fiberglass shingle roofs, clay tile roofs, and wood shake roofs. We also offer roof inspection and maintenance services to help keep your roof performing its best.