Montclair CA

Montclair CA is a residential community located in the Pomona Valley region of the Inland Empire. It has had many different names over the years. Montclair CA was first established as the Township of Marquette in 1897, then a tract of land got surveyed and named Monte Vista. A small settlement soon sprung up and was named Narod, but the main town remained Monte Vista until 1956, when the Postal Service made the citizens change the name. They chose another foreign name, Montclair. The new name means Light Mountain in French while the old one meant Mountain View in Spanish. After WWII, Montclair CA experienced rapid residential development. No matter where you live in Montclair CA, you can turn to Byars Roofing for roof repair. We provide expert residential and commercial roof repair service for all kinds of roofs, including asphalt & fiberglass shingle roofs, clay tile roofs, and wood shake roofs. We also offer roof inspection and maintenance services to help keep your roof performing its best.