Chino CA

Chino CA is a pleasant community with a history of agriculture and dairy farming since its early days as part of Spanish land grant. Crops grown here included sugar beets, sweet corn, alfalfa, peaches, walnuts, tomatoes, and strawberries. Between the 1950s and the 1980s, dairy farming really began to take off and Chino CA became the largest milk-producing community in the state. To this day, Chino CA retains an agricultural flavor, with many residents keeping chickens or goats and the city crest still featuring a cornucopia overflowing with produce. Though Chino CA is now mostly suburban, there are some industrial areas too. If you need roofing services for any kind of building in Chino CA, call Byars Roofing. We provide expert residential and commercial roof repair service for all kinds of roofs, including asphalt & fiberglass shingle roofs, clay tile roofs, and wood shake roofs. We also offer roof inspection and maintenance services to help keep your roof performing its best.