Composition Roof

Residential Composition Roof When you need to replace or repair your roof, the wide variety of roofing materials available might seem overwhelming at first. Your roofing contractor can help you decide which material will be best for your home and your budget.

If you want a low-cost, popular roofing material with a good track record for reliability and safety, composition shingles might be what you’re looking for. Composition shingles are constructed of cellulose or fiberglass, and coated with asphalt and granules. There are many reasons a composition roof can fit into just about every budget and look good on almost any house:

  • Composition shingles look good, and are adaptable to almost every architectural style. They have a low dimensional look when compared to tile or wood shake shingles, but many homeowners will agree that the other benefits outweigh the lack of contrast.
  • As a very affordable and easy to install roofing material, composition shingles make up the most common type of roof in the U.S.
  • Composition shingles are usually low maintenance and lightweight, meaning they can be applied straight to an existing roof, rather than replacing the entire roof. They’re also easy to walk on without slipping or breaking, making homeowner maintenance and cleaning jobs easier and safer.
  • Most brands offer Class A fire protection, giving you peace of mind and lower insurance rates.
  • They’re available in a variety of shades, and light-colored shingles will absorb less heat, keeping your cooling costs down.
  • Some brands are made of algae-resistant materials.

Consult With Your Roofing Company

Because they’re so lightweight, composition shingles can blow off in high winds, and don’t always last as long as heavier shingles. However, many homeowners find that their benefits outweigh their few faults. We’re experienced with all types of roofing materials, and can help you decide which type of roof will be best suited for you.

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