Roof Restoration

Commercial Roof Restoration Over the years, it’s natural for the roof of your business to break down due to weather and normal wear and tear. Fluctuations in temperature, rain and hail, wind, and the passage of time all mean roofing repairs will eventually become necessary. You’ll want to contact a roofer before your business’s roof reaches the point where it leaks or causes a safety concern.

The restoration process can save you time and money, since we restore the places that need attention before a full repair is needed. Whether you have a flat commercial roof or your building is older with sloping roofs or custom architecture, we have the experience needed to treat and restore problem areas before an emergency occurs.

Among our restoration services, we offer:

  • Weatherproofing flat roof membranes
  • Fixing leaks and damage
  • Insulation
  • Regular inspections/maintenance
  • Cleaning and restoring areas of damage or wear

Flat roofs can be impacted by foot traffic, potentially causing leaks or other damage to the roof’s waterproof membrane. Certain types of construction activity on the roof, such as air conditioner units being installed or maintenance to the building’s cables and pipes, can damage the roof’s protective surface. A good roofer should be involved to inspect and restore any problem areas and ensure the surface is watertight.

Restoring a commercial roof is a specialized job that should only involve experienced commercial roofers, in order to avoid problems down the line from shoddy workmanship or premature wear and tear. With over 6 decades in the field of commercial roofing in Ontario and its surrounding areas, we’re trained to handle any type of restoration and repair, with a variety of roofing types and materials – including metal, tile, asphalt, concrete, wood, and more.

We understand the importance of running your business during periods of renovation and maintenance. We’ll work with you to ensure the entire process is conducted as quickly and professionally as possible. During your roof’s restoration, we’ll take the utmost precautions in safety and convenience for your customers.

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