Roof Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance It’s important for a business to have regular roof inspections. Most commercial buildings have large, flat roofs that can hide small problems like leaks and structural damage, until the problem worsens and can become costly to fix. The safety of your employees and clients is also a concern. With regular maintenance, a good commercial roofer can locate any problems and fix them before they become dangerous and expensive issues.

With older commercial buildings that have sloping roofs, it’s even more crucial to have them inspected for wear and tear; as buildings age, it’s more common for their structures to develop problems ranging from leaks to sagging or collapsing roofs. Your roofing contractor will take care of these problems before they turn into roofing emergencies, and will preserve the beauty and originality of the building.

We make sure that routine maintenance will prolong the life of your commercial roof, no matter the size or structure.

With our maintenance inspections and roofing repairs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business’s roof has been protected against:

  • Ordinary wear and tear
  • Damage from temperature fluctuations
  • Leaks, large and small
  • Sagging and dangerous structural issues
  • Storm damage

Don’t put off an important roof inspection before it’s too late, and ordinary maintenance becomes a costly emergency repair. We’ve been proudly taking care of the commercial roofing needs of Ontario and the surrounding areas since 1946. Call us at 909-986-0509 to set up your inspection appointment.